Access your data online, from anywhere.  Manage your property portfolio, construction projects and proactively manage your compliance risk. Clouds UK Ultimate Manager keeps your data in your control with no reliance on external parties

Clouds UK Ultimate Manager will keep you in control


Know how your organisation is performing on statutory compliance, in real-time, at the press of a button. The compliance dashboard can be viewed by any number of authorised users.

Compliance planner

The compliance planner will help you proactively manage your risk and reputation. Use the compliance planner for resource and budget management.

Project Management

Manage your projects online – collaborate with other team members, store documentation and correspondence in a central location.

Unlimited users

Unlimited users, full control over access to your folders and data. Get ‘real-time’ reporting as your staff and external contractors upload compliance certificates.


Any folder can be locked down to as few or as many users as you wish. Users only see what they have permission to on Clouds UK.


The Audit Trail system tells you exactly what happens to every document and property on your system, who did it and when.
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